Some things around the internet today:

  • The Ten Worst Muppets - I honestly don't know all of the Muppets, but as a geek and someone who used to wear sweatervests, I resent that Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is listed as number eight. Dr. Honeydew has inspired generations of once-normal children to aspire to be inventors, engineers, and wear lab coats. Dr. Honeydew in action:

    Amusingly, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's archnemesis, as shown above, lives on in Rob Dobi's recent acquisition.
  • Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Wants Military Tribunal For Plane Terror Suspect - Ergo Peter King only ever wants the Constitution applied when he deems it fit and proper. That clause has never been included in that document, no matter how much posturing politicians wanted it.
  • XBMC 9.11 came out today and looks super awesome. Congrats to the XBMC team! I'm readying my box for it now.

Wednesday is Thursday (and Dillinger Escape Plan, and United Nations(!), and Glassjaw(!)). I’m super excited, especially after this post from Thursday:

thursdayband: Thinking up some surprises for the holiday set list! ;-)

I seriously have to finish an entire day of work with this anticipation?