The Twitpic Terms of Service currently reads:

All images uploaded are copyright their respective owners

I sent the following to the generic email address publicly available, even though Twitpic a service I only use as a content consumer, not as a content producer:


Please consider supporting Creative Commons by allowing new users to specify to license their content by default under one of the available licenses, and specifying per-work that a CC license may or may not apply.

Creative Commons makes for a more useful internet and should be actively encouraged where there is a democratized content creation arena.

Please consider making the internet even better by allowing your users the choice of Creative Commons.

Thanks, Eric Garrido

Creative Commons is an organization that has published a set of standardized, but evolving, copyright licenses intended to increase content sharing on the internet. As a content producer, you can choose who can use your work and in what manner. For example, this blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License which allows normal people to repost whatever I’ve written as long as it is used non-commercially and they cite where the content came from.

Creative Commons is basically a legal democratizer for the internet. It allows you to share the content you’ve published publicly, since all content is immediately covered under a strict copyright law unless otherwise specified.

Please think about publishing your own work (on Flickr, your blog, or elsewhere) under one of the Creative Commons licenses.