By no means an authoritative or ranked list.

  1. Learning Perl (by reading some random guy's series of emails, and subsequently by memorizing Programming Perl, my bible) - I learned Perl during college for a job I wasn't really qualified for. Knowledge of Perl has opened more doors than I can imagine.
  2. Brooks Brothers No-Iron Pants and Shirts - I'm a huge fan of these for work clothing. I spend zero minutes a week ironing.
  3. My new Dahon mu p8 folding bike - since I bought it, I haven't been on a subway and have never been more mobile. Life just feels better when biking every day.
  4. Kinesis' Advantage keyboard and Logitech's Trackman Wheel mouse - For a while, I was bringing my work Kinesis home on weekends. Now, I have the pair both at work and at home because I love the setup so much.
  5. Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson - I will never think of Alan Turing or Pearl Harbor in the same way. (Thanks Brendan!)
  6. GNU Screen, Mutt, and Ratpoison - While I've used GNU screen for its detach/attach feature when doing Gentoo compiles in my adolescence, I started seriously using Screen seriously about 1.5 years ago. Discovering hardstatus was the key to using it as a constant tool. Mutt is just how email should be. Ratpoison harmoniously unifies the world and throws out the extra junk one's computing experience doesn't need, especially when living in only Firefox, Mutt, and Vim.
  7. Being on the right subway platform at the right time - Ah circumstance.
  8. Google Maps and Reader - I recently didn't have a phone for a few weeks and realized how lost I can become. Reader has become my de facto news source and an activity with with I begin and end my day.
  9. Post-hardcore music - As with all music I like, I hated it at first, but have become devoted to it (for better or worse).
  10. Having a kitchen timer in the shower - I really like taking long showers, like most people, but it is not conducive to either time or energy efficiency. Having a timer in the shower has vastly cut my shower time down. Admittedly, I've increased it to 4.5 minutes instead of just 4, but it still beats the national shower time of 8 minutes.

I’ll come up with more another day.