Posts around the web that I found interesting today:MathWorld’s page on Pi: Always fascinating to read crazy facts about mathematical constants.Ignite: It’s Really Just a Series of Tubes: An interesting 5 minute talk on the intracity pneumatic tubes used for communication.Upgrading to 9.04 and Ext4 Remotely: Don’t do this, but this will be useful for me in the coming weeks.New Filing: DOJ claims immunity in wiretapping case: I’m sad that the Obama DOJ not only embraces the legality of domestic wiretapping, but they’ve produced a new legal doctrine that basically says the president is above the law. Glenn Greenwald gives a detailed analysis.Co-founder of Starbucks exclaims his love for his French press: I have mixed feelings about mine.Super-expensive bike store in TriBeCa, sales down: Leah and I walked by the other day; she asked me why I didn’t buy my bike here. This article explains why.Self-appointed traffic cop in Washingon Square: Give me 23 years and I might be this guy.Water Tanks in NYC: It’s nice to know a bit more about the water tanks on buildings in my town.