Isla Mori Garrido came online on December 11th, at 7:26pm.

Both members of the on-call rotation are handling escalations well, despite their shift starting with them having only some theoretical knowledge of what they were doing. Reverse engineering a production [human] system, employing an OODA loop, performing under pressure, and quickly filtering and employing available reference literature have been notably transferable skills.

Our cat, Fiona, is not impressed with her new roommate. (It’s been a rough year for her: we also got a Roomba.)

So far, the steady state of being a parent is like being Admiral Adama in the first episode of the most recent Battlestar Galactica: handling long lulls that are regularly punctuated with intense periods of action, including the corresponding sleep deprivation and no clear end in sight, and with the high-level goal of survival. It’s fitting that the episode ends with the birth of a child and the series has a (mostly) happy ending.