I decided that managing Wordpress on my web host was not interesting any longer. I wanted to host my simple blog in git, to compose using vim, and to not have to manage a database or the insecurities of a web application. Not to mention that the RSS feed was slightly broken and the pages were not standards compliant.

Consequently, I redesigned this site using Jekyll, a Ruby-based “blog-aware” publishing tool that is the backend behind GitHub pages. Instead of dynamically generating content, it transforms all the content to static HTML files. It uses Markdown for its markup language, so composing directly in cumbersome HTML continues to not be necessary. I now have both a suite of unit tests that are run prior to deployment, as well as a QA site to test changes before going production with them.

The unfortunate side effect was that your feed reader probably went a little crazy and marked-as-new a bunch of old posts. Apologies for this: it wasn’t worth keeping the same timestamps. Also, there was a late-breaking bug in the RSS feed (but the recommended Atom feed was fine).

The source for this blog is available on GitHub. Let me know if anything is broken.1

  1. Admittedly, I haven’t taken the time to make all posts prior to those on the front page XHTML Strict compliant as it would take too much time. ↩︎