From 450,000 Without Power in Northeast:

Strong winds and heavy rain pounded parts of the Northeast on Saturday, knocking out power to more than 450,000 customers, diverting international flights and toppling a boom crane at an Atlantic City casino construction site, injuring one police officer…

The winds downed trees and power lines throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut…

Logan International Airport in Boston received nine overseas flights bound for New York because they no longer had the fuel to wait for clearance to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport, said Massport spokesman Matthew Brelis…

In New York, ferry service to Staten Island was suspended Saturday night because of heavy winds.

In the distant future, someone will read this as if it were written in the 1800s and read today, and say something like:

  • “Well, didn’t they have personal fusion devices then?”
  • “Gosh, why didn’t they just transform the weather?”
  • “I wonder what happened to the intergalactic flights.”
  • “Who wants to go to Staten Island anyway?”