In 2003, I composed the following “Senior Traits” to be placed next to my picture in my senior year high school yearbook.

  1. Trademark: At least three computing devices on me at one time, my noises.
  2. Pet Peeve: Those who do not signal when turning in a car.
  3. Idol: Richard P. Feynman
  4. Weakness: Binary, mathematics and science, a good espresso.
  5. Favorite Saying: "Polymorphism".
  6. Most Prized Possession: My palm pilot.
  7. One Wish: To make a difference in someone's world.
  8. Life Ambition: To make a lasting scientific advancement after I obtain a Ph.D.
  9. Quote: "It's perfectly fine to use the name of your pet or child as a password. However, for the sake of security, make sure the names of all your pets and children contain several non-alphanumeric characters" - Lore Sjoberg