Having just arrived home from an evening of company, drink, and debate (three of my favorite things), I have these observations to make on riding home in the rain:

  1. Biking in the rain is hella fun.1 The feeling of the rain pelting against your face, being saturated with water, and having a brotherhood amongst the other bikers on the route… it’s just awesome. Highly recommended. I’ll even go with you, voluntarily.

  2. But it may only be fun if you have eye protection. I happen to wear glasses, so I have eye protection wherever I go. It’s definitely worth carrying any type of protective eyewear on a rainy day.

  3. It gives you a really good excuse to clean your bike. Well, the frame and exterior bits, anyway. Because all you have to do is scrub it a bit more and wipe it down. We all wash our bikes far less than we should.

  4. [Chrome bags][chrome] are also awesome. The outside of my Chrome bag: totally saturated with water. The inside? Totally dry. It wasn’t even shut properly by the user, but it came through with flying colors. While I love to this day the backpack for which I substituted my Chrome bag, it definitely would not have this property.

  5. Your shoes will be squishy. Okay, not great, but still super fun.

  1. I learned the word “hella” when visiting Dan in California a few years ago. [chrome]: http://www.chromebagsstore.com/messenger-bags.html ↩︎