1. The fact that I have two tickets to the New Kids on the Block show at MSG.
  2. The fact that Congress decided corporate lobbyists with money are more important than our civil liberties by voting for telecom immunity and expansion of domestic spying. (Though, there is a snuggly bear who tells me it is a good thing. I don't trust snuggly bears as bears have claws).
  3. The fact that Barack Obama, "the harbinger of government change", reversed his previous stance by voting for the corporate lobbyists with money. He refused to stand up to them and do the right thing, making him no different from any other politician. I would have loved for him to champion support against this bill, I would have settled for his individual vote against it, but I cannot accept his vote for it.
  4. The fact that both Senators Schumer and Clinton of New York voted against this telco amnesty bill. At least they had the guts to stand up to the Bush administration.

End result?

Epic fail.