Emphasis mine.

From an interview with Marc Ecko:

Whatever you do in life, be passionate about it. At least once a month, if not every day, reassess what you’re doing and make sure you still love it. If you’re passionate about something others around you may see as a dead end, pave your own way. Be a trailblazer.

From “Why Old Technologies Are Still Kicking,” a discussion on mainframe technology:

“Technologies want to survive, and they reinvent themselves to go on,” he said.

From the opinion piece “The Republican Resurrection” by Frank Rich:

Mrs. Clinton is fond of mocking her adversary for offering “just words.” But words can matter, and Mrs. Clinton’s tragedy is that she never realized they could have mattered for her, too. You have to wonder if her Iraq speech would have been greeted with the same shrug if she had tossed away her usual talking points and seized the opportunity to address the war in the same adult way that Mr. Obama addressed race.