I’ve compiled what seems to be a working Intel version of Matthew Rothenberg’s NmapFE for OS X out of the CVS tree. See my previous post as to why this is necessary. It can be downloaded here. The md5sum is: 37c6f6269608fdb3d62efbfa58cec123 36cc7e74f2e17b6c47148bfaa51dce91

UPDATE: I made some modifications to the DMG, thanks to Udi’s feedback. Download location is the same, the new md5sum is 36cc7e74f2e17b6c47148bfaa51dce91.

I’ve added this to the README.rtf:

According to Matthew Rothenberg’s website for this project (http://faktory.org/m/software/nmap/), this software is released under the GPL. I’ve included a copy of the GPLv2 (the GPL license available at the time of Matthew’s last release) in the disk image.