Hearing. No. Experiencing this guy live at Webster Hall:

(Glassjaw..which was a bit ridiculous. Went with Jenn who evidently doesn’t mind getting crushed by very large, hairy, sweaty men.)

Continuing to hate (but really, love) this guy:

(Will Shortz, the editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle). I even watched “Wordplay,” a documentary on the crossword puzzle culture. Jon Stewart is hilarious.

Getting a new one of these for my car:

(A water pump. I’m not sure if I really needed it, but I like spending lots of money on a car I don’t drive).

Staring at this constantly:

(The RSS feed view of Firefox. I’ve submitted a patch to add RSS feeds to Horde IMP (webmail program), along with some other minor ones).

Becoming more geeky:

(Furthering my earmark in “SQL for Smarties” and “Mastering Regular Expressions”).

And making one or two calls to Arizona: