There are four bottles from the last few weeks that have accumulated on the top of our fridge that I’ve been meaning to record. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my tasting notes for these bottles and don’t have a detailed memory about them.

  • Rock River Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 (California) - Delicious after being left out for 45 minutes. Nothing too stellar, but good enough, great value. $10
  • Signorello Syrah 2004 (Napa Valley) - The best Syrah I've ever had. Worth every penny (Especially when going to the tasting room with a manager of the Rutherford Grill). Beautiful color on the glass. The Viognier adds something special to the glass. This was my last bottle from the batch I brought from Napa and it was a fantastic finish to a great trip. $36
  • Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 (Sonoma County) - Dirt. I was told to add it to my case to balance in price some more expensive wines already present, with claims that the Gallo Family Vineyard is somehow better than the E&J Gallo Vineyard. One of the worst wines I've had. I'm fairly suspect of any wine company that adheres to ISO 4001 and produces that much wine.
  • Ballentine Chenin blanc Old Vines 2003 (Napa Valley) - A spectacular wine that made me and Varun really happy. It's too bad the 2003 isn't available direct from them anymore, only the 2005, which I haven't had. I would seriously consider joining their wine club.