Hooray! I was one of the first 400 participants in IBM’s Master the Mainframe competition to complete Part 1, giving me this cool, ridiculously geeky t-shirt:

IBM took down the image link :-(

Varun correctly pointed out that the font seems to come straight from Grand Theft Auto. I’m not quite sure what the allusion means.

I’m still debating as to whether I should complete Part 2. I have one more step to go and there are a few spots left to qualify for Part 3, but Part 3 itself is labeled “Approximate time to completion: Weeks to months.” That’s a bit intimidating and I think I have better things to do. That said, I learned more during the first two parts of the competition over the few days I was working on it than I have in any one class in a semester. We’ll see; continuing depends on my mood tonight.