Check out my new toy. It’s the weapon of choice for an awesome geek comic. And, it can be modded to be even more badass.

Yesterday, Casey and I were engaging in some of our daily banter at the office, commenting how dead it can be. It’s a nice floor, but the people are very intent on staring at their screens for a long time. He immediately went to the office warfare section of thinkgeek to spice things up. Then, realizing we would be in midtown in the evening, we made a pact to go to Toys-R-Us and pick up some blasters.

I feel like a kid again.

Speaking of, I’ve seen two polar opposites of children on the past two days' subway rides. There was this kid who was just the spawn of a hell-beast and did everything exactly contrary to what his mother directed. He didn’t understand that the world contains more than just him and his superman toy. That said, he was still innocent. And she, his mother, seemed really burnt out.

Then, this morning, I encountered the funniest kindergardener I’ve ever seen. This kid was on his way to school with his father, who was a very close resemblance to Drew Carey with the same glasses. He was smiling, making jokes with his father, and seemed so happy. He even successfully employed sarcasm in an adult, non-acerbic way.

And the well-dressed girl standing next to me (who gave up her seat for the kid) was totally cute and we were totally smile flirting while listening to the kid.