Horde Project

Horde is an open source project that consists of an application framework and a smattering of applications in various states of development. The community is very keen on outside help and it was fun getting into the project, under the hand of Matt Selsky.

  • IMP - a very mature and feature rich webmail client that is used by small to large organizations. I’ve been contributing random bugfixes and small features and getting paid for it.

  • Qonos - a non-Horde core application, Qonos will be similar to Horde’s Kronolith but be more part-time worker timesheet oriented. This is partially being developed for another programming team I’m involved with. Wrong. This idea was ambitious, but not pursuable for the timeframe involved. I still hope to make a homebrewed Horde app.


Every now and then I get the urge to work on something that isn’t associated with other external forces. Some people call this creativity. I call it being a geek.

  • Xen on Gentoo - according to the community, it can be done, but it sure isn’t easy. I hope to create some documents and revise some existing ones that will help other ambitious people use the Xen virtualization on my favorite Linux distribution, Gentoo.